The Hyperactive Knucklehead Monk.


Skills and abilities Micah possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. His Tracking skills are amazing, enabling him to effectively track almost anything through even the toughest of terrain. Micah has had the uncanny ability to mimic other people’s movement since a young age; this paired with the other meticulous training he has received makes him one of the greatest fighters alive. He is a master of a half dozen martial arts disciplines with an emphasis on The Lotus Palm (Based on Real World Aikido), and Brukki, the stick fighting technique of the ogre clans of the southwestern deserts (based on Real World Escrima), and was rigorously trained in everything from escapology, psychology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines. Micah is a prodigious natural athlete and fighter, much like the ancestors on his mother’s side, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. Proclaimed as a martial arts master, he has shown the ability to take on seven people at once with only minimal assistance. Due to Micah’s training under Fa Li he has managed to take his natural skill of mimicry to the next level, and through the study of the technique known as The Monkey’s Fist, Micah can mimic fighting styles that he witnesses, though this is a learned skill and not a magical attribute. Many believe Micah as being among the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Realm. Having had a worldly education as one of Gaius’ students, he speaks with fluency in Common (English), Elfish, Orcish, Foresttongue. and Xiyán (Mandarin), and has some knowledge of the Holy Tongue and the Druidic language of Valish. He is also a brilliant and experienced strategist with superlative leadership skills. Additionally, Micah’s natural presence, charisma and wit make him a master at rallying, unifying, and inspiring people.


The youngest son of Sir Nathaniel of the Lions of Dumas, and the only son of Kestrel of the Túaidcaill, or the Eversong; Micah was orphaned at the young age of four. He was discovered, nearly passed out on horseback by Gaius, a blind adventurer famous for his uncanny tracking and hunting abilities, despite his handicap. When Micah was found, he had only the clothes on his back, and a green cloak, which Gaius recognized for the scent of fresh ash and greenery as the that of the Túaidcaill, a clan who had been obliterated by a forest fire caused by rampaging dragon herd a few weeks prior.

Much like his own masters before him, in his heart Gaius was a teacher, so when he took Micah in, it was not only as his son, but as one of his students as well. Within a few years, Micah was taught along with a young paladin-to-be named Sylmarina, and an Elvin fighter named Raik. At an early age, Micah exhibited an aptitude for fighting with many different weapons , as Gaius had expected. It is well known in the realm that The Eversong had been master warriors for many, many generations. Under Gaius’ tutelage, Micah learned to track, hunt, and to hone his mind, as well as learning about various animals and plant life. During this time he forged a special connection with Sylmarina that would eventually come to be love, but only later in life. At one point in his training, Gaius sent his students to train in the Millennial Grove, to learn survivalist and Natural healing techniques under the masters that lived within. It was in this massive grove that Micah would meet the man who would become a brother to him, Serën. Serën was a young half-elf that was learning to become a druid, after his Mother. Serën and Micah became fast friends, and he tended to play the straight man to Micah’s mischievousness. Sharing an adventurous spirit, Serën and Micah went on many adventures during his tutelage in the grove, even saving each others lives on more than one occasion. Around the time his training had ended, Gaius had discovered that he was passing away. He released Raik and Sylmarina as successes and sent them on their own way for further specialized training if they wished. As for Micah, Gaius traveled with him to the eastern lands of the Xiyáng, (a people based upon the feudal peoples of China.) where Gaius had grown up and trained. As his final wish, in the fabled Jade City of the Wukong province, Micah was accepted to train under Gaius’ former master, Fa Li, a wise old monk that had lived for generations. Along with his fellow students, as well as the Sifu’s own great grandchildren, he would train in many different forms of martial arts and meditation.

During this training, love quickly blossomed between Micah and Fa Xian, the Sifu’s Great granddaughter. Xian at first was annoyed by this seemingly immature foreigner, partially due to his hyperactivity, but also because she was attracted to him and couldn’t admit it to herself. Despite this, Xian quickly came to respect his skills and prowess. This grudging respect slowly turned into friendship due to Micah’s charm; for instance, every morning before training began, Micah would tell her jokes, and every night after training he would entertain her with stories of his travels, and listen intently to her own. This bond of friendship would eventually turn to love, and in a secret ceremony, Xian and Micah were wed. as Xiyáng tradition demanded, during their nuptials, they both received tattoos in-between the shoulder blades that combined her family crest, and Micah’ s unique four point tattoo. But as strong as their love was, so was the hatred that her brother, and the Sifu’s Great Grandson, Fa Xu, fostered for Micah. From the moment of his arrival, Xu was jealous of Micah, due to his natural abilities, and his quick learning curve. Xu had long been the top student in the school, and thusly reacted poorly to someone new who was his equal, let alone a cocky foreigner. In his quest to one up Micah, he turned to dark magic to heighten his skill, which slowly corrupted his sanity.

Eventually Xu found out about Xian and Micah’s marriage when he was sparring Xian and her clothing ripped, revealing the tattoo, and Xu when berserk. He openly attacked Micah, whom he believed forced Xian into the marriage. Micah was barely able to fend off this assault, but managed to defend himself. Having lost all sight of reality and no longer caring about keeping his transgressions hidden, Xu heightened his strength and beat Micah down. Summoning a demon sword Xu plunged at Micah, but at the last moment Xian jumped between them, and was impaled. Xu’s strength was so high he actually completely ran Xian thru and buried the blade an inch into Micah’s stomach. Frozen in shock over what he had done, the other students were able to subdue Xu. While Micah tried to help his beloved, but to no avail. Micah then attempted to attack his brother in law, but was stopped by the Sifu. Using this moment Xu fled the school and eventually the province vowing never forgive Micah, blaming him for her death. Micah stayed at the school long enough bury his wife, but then moved on, prior to healing properly.

Micah looking to his brother Serën for support, was invited to come to Rowanwood, Serën’s hometown to recover. When Micah didn’t meet Serën at the halfway point agreed upon, Serën retraced Micah’s steps and found he had collapsed and passed out. Unbeknownst to him, he was infected by the demonic energies in Xu’s sword. After all healing methods known to him had failed, he called in Sylmarina, who had paladin since parting ways with Micah last, to help heal Micah and stayed to help him cope with his loss. Within a year and a half Micah was back to par. Due to Micah’s natural leadership abilities and charisma, he currently serves as the de facto “team leader” of the party. Often, Micah’s unconventional and creative approaches to solving problems lead the party to victories, even after it seems hope is lost. As an adventurer, Micah’s charisma and carefree attitude sometimes get him into trouble, but it’s often those same qualities that get him out of that danger.


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